Babies with iPads

And grand-aunt as well. This cutie and I are learning my new iPad2 together. Lucky us. Today it was photos (both ways) and our next project is FaceTime. She’s been FT’ing her parents since she was born. I’m the one just now catching up. Just so’s you know how we roll vis a vis education, she dearly loves her books, and perceives the iPad as just another kind of book. She still needs, we all still need books and oodles of other things. It’s a Big Deal to learn about life in this universe, especially for a 20-month old. Or a 792-month old, either.

The children of this decade will communicate in a radically different way. The UX generation. Gesture-based navigation and Siri are going to change the world as we know it, especially usability. This stuff is cross-generational. And that’s of vital importance. If we are to go about helping and healing, we need to be in the full flow of humanity, birth to death.

I believe we will create things we need together quicker and less hassle if we pool everything. Including ideas from 8-year-olds to septuagenarians. The way we create living spaces, transportation, education. I believe it will keep the arts alive, as well, as awful as that sounds. We’re not doing such a good job of supporting the arts and arts education. This is important because it fosters the kind of creative thinking that leads to peaceful solutions, healing solutions. We have to learn to be kinder to each other, and sustaining creativity is crucial in finding this.

Learning the iPad2 photo program.

Self-portrait. Interspersed with pics of Daddy sitting on the couch watching the ball game.

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