The person I called Lars

People knew him as Lars, Lair, Larry, and other aliases, in several languages. He will forever be Lars to me.

Things I’ll remember:

Worn-down pull-on brown work boots. Not tough enough to withstand a direct axe blow, though. Emergency on Comida Way! Because you were you: excited, hurrying in your sinuous, slouchy way, endearing, beautiful companion.

Virgo with OCD rising. Bossy as hell. And sensitive as a babe.

Capturing each other and everything in Topanga Canyon and Decker Canyon on old-fashioned emulsion film.

One of my Drama Traumas, as I called the group of drama majors who delightedly and delightfully insinuated their way into the jazzers at NTSU in the ’60’s.

Dropping out of our lives for 30 years. Gargantuan parties when you reconnected.

Knowing that you HAD to do your whirlwind, Virgoed-up visit to damn near every European capitol when you did. Which reminds me and our cohorts that every day is precious.

Having the courage to practice what you preached. Pwning Costa Rica. Ranting on the Unofficial Wendy Davis for Governor of Texas page. Letting me talk you down off the ledge and refocusing you on our goal. Gotta be impressed with 48,000 likes! And most of them are still there, waiting for November, remembering. You political hothead, you! For all the right causes.

I am so not through processing all of this. Might never be. In the meantime, I’m struggling with tech puzzles, or I’d have included some photos I’ll cherish forever. However long that may be. So I’d best get on it.

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